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Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

Wazobet Easy Money Category

The Easy Money Category on Wazobet bet got its name from the kind of games grouped into that category to serve a purpose. And that purpose is simply to offer players the easiest of games while playing on Wazobet casino.

As a leading online gaming platform, they surely know how to serve you right irrespective of your experience level. Either you are a beginner or an expert. This Category is loaded with games that require no special attention or a certain level of immersion to keep winning.

Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

Typically, these are a group of games you can play at your most relaxed mood. Even if you are in a sombre or numb mood, without having the strength to put a lot of focus on a game. You will still be winning big.

Sometimes we are tired of getting too serious with some games that require the highest level of concentration otherwise we might be losing out. These kinds of games most times can be overwhelming. Having identified these regular occurrences in many players and how disinterested this made them feel, Wazobet then made the continuous move to create the Easy Money Category containing the simplest games to play yet highly rewarding.

From the following 10 Easy Money Category games listed available on Wazobet, you will surely love one if not all. So just relax, do the minimal and win:

Rocket Dice 

Now, the surprising thing about this game is that it requires no rigorous activity than finding yourself rolling two dice to determine the outcome of every turn and raking in your winnings as well. 


To ignite the gameplay, you will simply hit the “play” button while you keenly watch luck unravel itself by waiting patiently for the ball to drop down from the top and bounce into the different payouts multiplier lying just at the base of the board then your massive winning is revealed. 


It’s a single-player video slot game, the basic objective of the game is for gamers to walk past the rectangular lawn looking board that contains hidden bombs on one of the next carpet ahead without setting any of them off and you win! 

Heads and Tails

This is a game with an extreme simplicity, I could say I haven’t come across an easier one than this. Heads and Tails is conceptualized around tossing a coin where you must have picked where you believe would face up.

Scratch Dice 

The Scratch Dice game is perhaps the easiest game out there needing no strategy or plenty of focus. It’s a Sc. Dice, each ticket has an area covered that you must scratch to find out what you have won. 

The Other Five are:

  • Gems Odyssey 
  • Poke the Guy
  • Golden Boot 2018
  • Boss the Ball
  • Rocket Dice 


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